ABOUT US Jiangsu feize Technology Development Co. Ltd.         Jiangsu feeser Technology Co., the predecessor of the Dongguan li'anda Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. Jiangsu office, through 10 years of efforts and development, the company has become a professional water treatment enterprise from a single production and sales of environmentally friendly products development. Over the years the company is committed to research and development of biological control of Yu Hai products, working closely with t...... MORE
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  • Rotary tool Lanyard
    Rotary tool Lanyard
  • Safety rope
    Safety rope
  • Double D ring wrench
    Double D ring wrench
  • Heat shrinkable collar
    Heat shrinkable collar
  • Anti dropping tool
    Anti dropping tool
  • Tool connecting collar
    Tool connecting collar
  • FME tool cabinet
    FME tool cabinet
  • Tool safety rope
    Tool safety rope
  • FME cloth cover
    FME cloth cover
  • Marine biological control
    Marine biological control
  • Marine fouling inhibitor
    Marine fouling inhibitor
  • water quality monitoring
    water quality monitoring
  • Underwater vehicle
    Underwater vehicle
  • Jellyfish drive off device
    Jellyfish drive off device
  • Antifouling coating
    Antifouling coating
  • pneumatic hoist
    pneumatic hoist
  • Manual hoist
    Manual hoist
  • Electric hoist
    Electric hoist
  • Lifting magnet
    Lifting magnet
  • Percussion tools
    Percussion tools
  • Hydraulic tools
    Hydraulic tools
  • Cutting tools
    Cutting tools
  • Fastening tools
    Fastening tools
  • Insulating tool
    Insulating tool
  • Gripping tool
    Gripping tool
  • Pipe tools
    Pipe tools
  • Measurement tools
    Measurement tools
  • Adhesive paste
    Adhesive paste
  • Adhesive tape
    Adhesive tape
  • Anticorrosive sealant
    Anticorrosive sealant
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NEWS Method for using safety rope Method for using saf... The hand horizontal safety rope is arranged on the special parts of the wor... Corrosion prevention measures for water treatment equipment Corrosion prevention... In the water treatment industry, sewage treatment equipment is very importa... Marine fouling inhibitor Marine fouling inhib... Marine biofouling inhibitor type Bardac2250, BIOFASTAL type of marine biofo... MORE
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